More than 1,000 Missouri Medical Marijuana Patients are Already Approved to Consume Cannabis!


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More than 1,000 Missouri Medical Marijuana Patients

Are Already Approved to Consume Cannabis!

During the past two weeks, the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services has approved applications from more than 1,000 Missouri patients who have applied for approval to legally possess and consume cannabis.  Although Amendment 2, now Article XIV of the Missouri Constitution, gives DHSS up to 30 days after a patient files an application to approve or deny approval, in fact, DHSS began to approve hundreds of patient applications on the very first day that they could apply, Friday, June 28.

Since then, despite the intervening holiday, DHSS has approved hundreds of additional patient applications, a total of 1,078 as of July 12, according to Lisa Cox, spokesperson for DHSS.

Attorney Dan Viets is Missouri NORML Coordinator and President of New Approach Missouri, the organization which drafted Article XIV, placed it on the ballot and led the very successful campaign for its passage. Viets praised DHSS for its efforts to implement Article XIV in a timely manner.

“Two thirds of Missouri voters supported the passage of Article XIV, far more than supported the other half dozen initiatives on that ballot, and far more than voted for any statewide candidate.  DHSS has been very actively engaged in implementing Article XIV since the election.  The fact that they are approving many patient applications within hours of the time they are filed illustrates this fact,” said Viets.

NORML has six active Chapters in the state.  These Chapters and hundreds of individual members of NORML were critical to the success of the Article XIV campaign.

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No MO Med Cards

Last evening, I interviewed Dr. Randall Williams, Director of the Missouri DHSS, on my radio show.  I asked him whether patients, and caregivers, were going to receive physical cards via US Postal Service or if the documents received from DHSS online will serve as the “cards”.  He told me he believed cards would be mailed out soon.

However, today I received a phone call from the attorney for the Medical Marijuana Program.  She told me that Dr. Williams was mistaken.  Patients and caregivers will in fact will not receive “cards” in the mail.  They will use the documents which are sent to them by DHSS when they are approved as proof of their patient or caregiver status.  I told her I would try to clear up any confusion on that point.


Dan Viets